Tuesday, August 28, 2007


After Barcelona, I headed off to Berlin for the second leg of my trip. Highlights include: being randomly interviewed by a German radio station for nation branding at the Reichstadt, currywursts, Camille Carot painting 'Ville d'Avray', and Gauklerfest (street performance festival / beerfest).

Friday, August 24, 2007


Well I'm comfortably seated in a familiar old chair in the roasting humid loft of my home in the Soo now. I apologize for the long hiatus, but I've been sifting through the thousands of digi pics from the last leg of my travels in Europe, correcting, cropping, and organizing the good shots between visiting friends and getting my eyes, teeth and ticker inspected upon return. I'm really happy to be back in familiar territory, living beyond a luggage bag and something larger than a shoe-box apartment. That. feels. great.

Work at the friary came to a close but the celebrations postponed until after my end-of-the-year travel-fest. I tied up some loose ends over the weekend and took off for Barcelona and Berlin over 1.5 weeks. Unfortunately Jess was tied down at work and had to chill in Dublin while I spoiled myself silly on vacation (I didn't really, but taking a solo vacation in the bigger picture is a bitttt of spoilage). Anyhow, I spent 5 days in Barcelona and 4 in Berlin. The trip to BCN turned out to be more of a Gaudi pilgrimage than a relaxing time on the beaches. In fact I didn't even hit the beaches in reluctance of unveiling my newfound ribs and pasty Irish skin. Staying in one of the architecture capitals of the world (with 9 World Heritage Sites - 7 of which are works by Gaudi) I just couldn't resist but see everything I could pull my feeble body to see. In fact my OCD kicked in and I gave'r for the first few days in attempt to see Everything. Here's my current photo album of a portion of what I saw (seriously, my culture filter clogged right up here. I saw a lot):

Have yet to get through my Berlin pics but am working towards it for the end of the weekend. Only one week left till going back to Ottawa to see everyone. See you all on Friday 31st!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hi everyone. At the moment I'm on a short holiday after finishing up at work last week. I just left Barcelona for Berlin and will be back in Dublin on Thursday. I'm sorry to keep you staring at the same old post for a while, but I'll have plenty of photos and events to recap when I get back to the Soo on the 16th! This isn't the end of the blog by any means...I'm going to try to transform it into an outlet for thesis and all-round trash-talk forum. Anyways, hope to fill you all in shortly and maybe see you face to face in the Soo or Ottawa!